Thursday, February 18, 2010

Racing To The Finish Line

Well, it turns out that I like to push the edges of discipline in order to have my way. Yesterday morning I felt like a kid who tried to shove all the chocolate chip cookies in her mouth as fast as she could before they were all gone. That's what it felt like trying to read through blogs, and do other internet stuff yesterday morning. I got to work and realized I never did get to check my email. So I cheated and read my email right then and there. This morning I sat down and thought that I would just check in to my three favourite sites first before I turned on my SAD Lightbox. You know, to get a head start.

It all makes me chuckle because it makes me remember what one of the most punched0-in-the-gut expressions I've read about addiction:
"Addiction is about what we can get away with."

I'm off to do the mad dash today through your blogs now. Have a great day!


Enchanted Oak said...

In 20 years I've never heard that saying, that "addiction is about what we can get away with." When we're using, we sure spend a lot of time planning how to obtain what we want, get away with getting loaded, find more because we never have enough, and cover up what we did wrong while under the influence.
I'm going to remember what you said. I'm thankful to pieces that I don't have to live in that bondage any more.

Steve E said...

Have not been here in awhile, Hope, my loss. But you sure nailed down "addiction"...I think it might even be more that "what I could get away with..."

Glad to "see" you again.