Friday, February 05, 2010

Here You Go

Here are some links to read today cause I've got nothing.

Brave Little Girl. The sweetness of this little girl made me teary.

And Then We Laughed. I love the way Elizabeth mothers those daughters and the way she writes about it.

Prayers and more Prayers. Michael was a great encourager to me in my early days of blogging. It was also through his other site that I found this blog and eventually found my way into recovery from sexual addiction.

I like a good laugh and I like to think. It's great when one blog does both.


Prayer Girl said...

I have recently had "blogger's block" with absolutely nothing in my head. That is a tough place to be in if you are pretty much a daily blogger.

Thanks for blogging today.


Enchanted Oak said...

Sometimes I tell myself that a blank mind signifies a serene mind. Then I don't mind having a blank mind.

Black Pete said...

Call it a sabbatical, Hopester. You've earned it.

Gabriella said...

Thank you, Hope, for sharing these blogs you have found interesting one way or another. I enjoyed them too :)

I'm also finding it difficult to post often on my blog nowadays (lots of family problems) :(