Saturday, February 07, 2009

Not So Fast

I need sleep.
Insomnia is a curse.
At least that's my verdict
at this time of day.

Today is my home group meeting,
provided the roads are okay.
Yesterday they were ice covered
most of the way to town.
I am not very brave
when it comes to winter driving.

I have someone to go visit
at the treatment centre after the meeting.
I love that place.
It took me 3 months after treatment
to drive by and not wish I was still there.
Today will be my first time back.
I wonder how that will feel.

I am grateful for many things this morning
despite my fog brain sleepy headedness.
Well, it's more like my body is screaming for sleep
and my brain is wagging a finger
and saying, "unh, unh, unh, not so fast."
I can't seem to make them get along.

I am grateful for the lengthening of daylight hours,
that it's still light out at supper time.
I'm also grateful that it gets dark enough at night
for the Christmas lights to still do their pretty dance.
Mid summer there will be no black inky darkness to be found.
I am grateful that dearest one is a toucher.
Just a hand on my shoulder as he passes
makes me feel loved.
If you only knew what a miracle that is.
Me and touch have been enemies longer than not.
I love me some sunrises.
They have been spectacular lately.
Deep pink and purple.
I hope I'm sleeping when it happens today though.

Sleep or no sleep,
it's a good day to be alive.


owenswain said...

Sleep is good. Hope you get some. I got nearly 10 hours last night and can't wait to crawl back in tonight. Surgery has been bumped from Wed to Mon so, as I feel I am still catching up from the past months, I want to be rested for that. Bless you Hope . . . spring is coming.

daisymarie said...

A very good day indeed!

steveroni said...

Yes, Hope. "It's a great day to be alive"....and SOBER!