Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Waiting For Hope

If you ask my family they won't be surprised that my Hope candle lamp and the nativity are displayed to the world already. Yes, being cooped up in the house while it was -45C outside had something to do with it. There are only so many distractions in our small home to keep me occupied. Tomorrow the weather will be much closer to normal and I will be filling in for the librarian at our local library. But in all honesty I have never been very good at waiting. My dad chuckles each time I actually wait to call him on his birthday. When I have bought gifts I find it hard to wait to give them on the special day. It's one of few childlike qualities of mine that has refused to lie dormant over the years. I do remember as a child getting this beautiful Advent calendar to share with my sisters. No chocolates in it at all but beautiful sparkly pictures beneath little windows numbered 1 to 24. I opened the Christmas Eve picture way before time and gently put the double window pieces back together to look as if I hadn't peeked. But I will never forget the wonder of that beautiful picture and how I wanted to peek again and again.


Jim said...

What's that old saying about it always being whiter on the other side of the border. I'm sitting here, having enjoyed an abnormal November "heat-wave" for the last few days, and thining how nice it might be to find myself isolated as you are, away from Walmart and rush-hour traffic....

Anonymous said...

You've inspired me once again.... I'm gonna dig out that nativity scene this weekend. Something concrete to remind me. Great idea.
BTW, I like that hope lamp.

And yes, Jim... it is most definitely whiter on this side of the border as we anticipate yet another blizzard. Sheesh!

Pru said...

It is a white, white December here, even with the bit of a chinook we got yesterday. I got an advent calendar as an opening night gift yesterday (we opened our show!) and I thought of you when I opened the first day today...a heart and a chocolate for the first of December.
I love you.