Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Curiosity Gets The Better Of Me

With all this cold weather I haven't been out of the house since last Saturday. To pass the time I've been letting my curiousity get the better of me. I've been downright feeding it. Below are the 20 most recent google searches that brought people to my blog. Little tidbits of info have always intrigued me. Putting those little buttons on my blog that let me track who visits here feeds the anal retentiveness in me - I'll be constipated before long if it doesn't warm up outside. Okay, so that was a lame attempt at a joke - cabin fever must be setting in. The photo is what it looks like standing on my tiptoes looking out my kitchen window - Jack Frost is trying to block my view. The blue winter sky was too beautiful not to capture on camera.

Last 20 Searchengine Queries:

augustine spiritual director
pigeon holed quote
sugar sensitivity
a song not scored for breathing
Henri Nouwen Advent prayer
stages of letting go
pulmonary fibrosis very bad in mornings
gerald may and spiritual direction ppt
gerald may and spiritual direction ppt
breathing incense in church
"AA" and "resentments"
hope who am i to say song
a song not scored for breathing
"poor in spirit" homily teenagers
henri nouwen soften me into love
quotes bad kids
addiction and grace
the funeral prayer of braveheart
song with lots of laughter

I sit here and wonder who some particular visitors are and why they keep coming back. That person from Ingersoll - I see they visit from a government office. I told my sister it must be the government monitoring me because the word sexual addiction surely shows up more than any other phrase on my blog and they are checking to see if I am a danger to society. And the one from the University in Portugal. Who is that and how did they ever come across my blog? Who lives in Aldersley UK that keeps coming back? There are those who visit faithfully every day who I 'know' and their company makes me smile. Thank you Peter, Val and Terry, among others.

Here's one of the elk that ate, without apology, our bale stack. 40 good square hay bales are only a memory now. The elk's comrades took off and left this one to take the blame. I tried posting these late last night but the power kept flickering on and off so I shut everything down and went to sleep. It was a scary thought - the power going out when it's -45C outside. It's supposed to be -48C with windchill by this afternoon. A chinook is waiting behind this weather pattern to bring us up to 0C by Saturday. No wonder they say 'wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.' Well, in this case, 'wait 5 days and the weather will change. Stay warm.


owenswain said...

Another regular checks in. Of course, you know better than I how often I check in since you are checking stats. As for me and my blog and stat checking, I have pretty much given it up.

bobbie said...

oh that blue sky is glorious! we might have warmer weather, but you've got me beat hands down on blue sky! :)

so glad to hear the warmer weather is coming!

i'm so curious what the 3A is - i get searches on my blog for that too???

Anonymous said...

It seems to be a technorati tag of some kind but I haven't been able to figure it out yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm here nearly everyday, too, albeit sometimes behind the veil that is Bloglines...

Stay warm!

Unknown said...

Hee hee, I thought that was a picture of a llama!! I was thinking how in the world did a herd of llama's get into your yard! Goes to show, I should read the post BEFORE I check out the pictures. (and maybe find a picture dictionary with animals, haha)