Sunday, July 09, 2006


It's somewhat of a family joke that I am as curious as sheep. This is the first summer in 10 that we don't have any actual sheep and lambs running around the place. Only daughter and I used to make up conversations we thought the sheep were having about our lives. They used to watch us intently, their eyes following our every movement. The chickens, on the other hand, used to cackle like crazy when we would bring out the bucket of scraps for them. We used to make up conversations we thought they were having too. ("Hey, Mabel, you should try this tomato, it's heavenly.)(other than the fact if one hen found a delectible piece of food she would try to carry it away for her own enjoyment only.) What a racket they made over new food.

I never seem to run out of things to be curious about. I tell my family that's what makes a good writer. An endless possibility of "what ifs". On second thought it's also what life's like living with a young child. Maybe I am more young at heart than I thought.

Deb over at Abiding recently gave her readers the opportunity to ask her any question in order to jump start her writing. I'd like to give you the same opportunity. From the glimpse(s) I have given you of my life what questions spring to mind? That's what I'm curious about today.

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