Sunday, November 20, 2005

Two Prayers

This prayer via is what spurs me on to keep seeking wholeness and healing. I see it as a gift not only for me but for my children and future generations:

"If you mold her (your child) completely in this way, you will save not only her, but also the husband who will marry her, not only the husband but the children, not only the children but also the grandchildren. For when the root becomes good, the shoots are outstretched toward what is better, and for all these you will receive the reward. Therefore, let us do all things so as to help not one soul alone, but many through the one."

~ St. John Chrysostom

This prayer is what I am praying today:

Prayer For Openness

Spirit of freedom,
open my mind and my heart.
Lift the barriers,
unwind the strong grasp of my demands
when I want everything to go my way.

God of spaciousness,
reach into my inner space,
sweep out all the old clutter,
enlarge my capacity to receive.

Bringer of truth,
empty me of whatever impedes
the growth of our relationship.
Help me recognize and accept
your sources for my growth.

Creator of the seasons of life,
soften my resistance to emptying.
May I welcome each inner season
as a catalyst for my transformation.

Faithful Friend,
deepen my trust in you.
Ease my doubts, fears and discouragements.
When I am feeling vulnerable,
remind me that you are my safe haven.

Diving Mystery,
may I be ever more rooted in you.
Draw me into solitude.
Entice me into endless encounters
where I experience oneness with you.

Holy Whisper,
open the ears of my heart.
May I hear Your voice within the silence
as well as within the noise of my life.
Re-awaken me so that I can listen to you
whole heartedly.

Bringer of Good and Giver of Growth,
we yearn to be open and receptive
to your generosity.
May we trust your presence amidst the cycle
of emptying and filling.

~ Joyce Rupp in The Cup Of Our Life

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