Friday, September 04, 2009


"I can't take in one more piece of information today."

My boss looks at me and doesn't quite know what to say. She's used to me making a note of what needs to be looked into with a quick turnaround time. I make the note although I know I won't look into it until the middle of next week. The moment she asked it of me I envisioned 35 other requests coming my way today and I just couldn't handle the thought of that happening. My comment was meant to stop all those remaining requests from being made.

Yesterday was both exhausting and fun. I love detail work that is methodical. I also like working with the public. Yesterday was full of detail work and the public. I went home last night feeling like I rocked at my job. Which I do. I am so grateful for a satisfying job.

This morning however, in the aftermath, there is so much paperwork to deal with that I am buried in it. My desk, normally organized and in place, is piled with stacks of paper. I am so tired that I've been working for several hours without attending to the stacks one little bit. My head is aching, the same weird headache I had last night, and I momentarily feel totally sick. The phone has rung constantly since I came in, there have been contractors in and out all morning, and I can't figure out what the next step is so that I can make order out of chaos.

My boss finds her voice and tells me that I should tell them all to shut up and leave me alone. Which isn't my style, so I don't. She does however leave me alone, in a good natured way, the rest of the day.

By the end of the day there is semi order and the stacks of paperwork have been sorted through once, notes made, although I still have to email the whole lot to the next person up the chain of command and then photocopy them all for my files. At least they are in an orderly pile on my desk for next week.

Next week.

When another batch of paperwork will be added to the pile.

Most of the day this song was going through my head:

I can't remember the last time I was so grateful for a Friday.


Steve E. said...

Thank God For Friday 87654321--Switch!

Tall Kay said...

Double bonus: It's a Friday before a long weekend! Very funny video. Take a day for yourself and do something you really like to do!

Susan DeAngelis said...

Awesome vid -- very funny!

Tall Kay is right. Do something for yourself -- it doesn't have to be a whole day, if you don't have the time -- just pamper yourself a bit.


Jim said...

Believe it or not, I got into it with my "boss" today at school. Nothing drastic; just a refusal to give a free hour of my time again this year all year since they now have me "sitting" two at the same time, both needing individual attention.....

Madison said...

First there's the day. Then, there's what's going on in everyone's mind in the middle of the day. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are busy and happy. Have a great relaxing weekend, Hope!

PS I have adopted your frame of mind and have been passing it on, as in 'I get to........" rather than "I have to......", thanks for that!