Monday, May 04, 2009

Enlightened Yoga

Increasingly during the next 6 weeks
it will seem like the sun hardly sets.
Which means it's no longer dark out when I get up.
Nor is it dark when I go to bed.
I try not to hang on,
like a spoiled child begging it's parent
to stay longer on a play date,
to this time of year.
It's awfully tempting though.

This week I've changed my morning routine.
Lovely cardiologist told me I must
find a way to exercise daily no matter what.
So I'm doing yoga at 5 am.
I'm determined to do this even though
I'd much rather be sleeping.
I'm not stubborn for nothing.

Exercise is one thing the doctor said
was my part in helping
the enlarged heart situation.
That, losing more weight,
and lowering my sodium intake.
Which is low already.
It's unbelievable how much salt is in everything.
Although I'll take a bland diet
if it means living longer.
Wouldn't you?


Duckie23 said...

I'm finding with my new diet, that after I cut back on the sodium everything tasted bland for awhile. Then tastes really seemed to pop after I got used to less salt. Things started tasting great! Hope it's the same for you!!

Steve E. said...

For many years I have not "added" salt to food. The cooks do plenty of that.

Sure wished I exercised more. Or at all? Well, I did walk up a flight of stairs....once!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I would even wake up at 5am to do yoga to have a more fulfilled and longer life! Salt, well, "m'eh" I can live without it and I am so glad that you are too as I am grateful that you are in my life and hope to be for a LONG time!!!

Cat said...

Yoga is perfect! If you do it for a while and want something a little more toning then look into Pilates as well - I do both once a week.

Daisy said...

Oh yes. for sure. At work, we've started walking for 15 minutes or so at lunch whenever we can. Sometimes with someone, sometimes alone. It's amazing how quickly the body feels the difference. More energy and better sleep. But the initial push is what's challenging.

You're putting ideas in my head, Hope. I'm gonna try doing some yoga/stretching before I hit the sack as that seems to be when I have some time.

Small steps but each one counts.