Monday, February 23, 2009

What We Don't Know

"I guess that's what's so hard for me to get, the no hope. To think that, of all the potential scenarios out there, there's not a single good one? It just seems like we - human beings - know so much, but it's nothing compared to what we don't know. The universe surprises us, right? That's just what it does. So how could she be so one hundred percent positive that nothing good would happen?..."

~ Dev in Belong To Me


steveroni said...

Well, Hope, out of context, of course, but I HAVE to believe that something "good" will come about in the end...that ending--walking together down a path, e.g., (or THE path?) seemed to say a lot.

Seems as if everyone who's read that book sings its praises.

Sure 'Hope' you're out of your early weekend "place".

I'll stop before I get in trouble here.....not BAD trouble, just uncomfortable trouble.

Cat said...

And when you are missing hope - you are in trouble!

I have been missing you and so came for a fast visit - I will be back next week - Hope all is good!