Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring Is A Coming

I'm grateful for the full moon that peeks in my window while I sleep.
Full moons are hopeful things.
It's a return to winter out there this morning
but spring is a coming.
The worst is almost over.
I hope I don't regret typing that
or have to eat my words.
I get to attend a mid week AA meeting today.
That's a hopeful thing, too.
I did yoga yesterday for the first time in ages.
I slept like a baby last night.
As long as I don't act like one
it's all good.


Cat said...

Spring is almost here - and just in time!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I always say you can be child like, just not childish! LOL!

I love your take on the moon, what a joyous way to view it...

spring is nearer, I can feel it.


steveroni said...

Hey gurrls! Spring IS HERE! Well, I should not G.L.O.A.T., but ya know... sometimes.

I can say to you, Hope...have hope, that same hope you see in the full of the moon. One thing we experienced, ALL of us, that beautiful winter-ending globed reflection.

I picture an angel who has not been around these parts recently, as it zips by our moon, saying to itself, "Now, how in hell did those FOOTPRINTS get down there?"


Prayer Girl said...

The full moon was absolutely breathtaking the other night. The beauty of it fills me with wonder.

Love and prayers your way,