Thursday, January 08, 2009

Welcome To The Human Race

I was talking with a far away friend yesterday
and she said, "Maybe you have a little bit of the blues."
I do know that whatever state of mind I'm in
it's not permanent.
Thank God.

Dearest one often gets so frustrated with the computer
that he's tempted to throw it out the window.
Most of the time frustration at inanimate objects
doesn't make much sense to me.
Except my computer's been having regular hissy fits.
And I'm getting periously close to having my own.
So yes, my friend, when I start seeing red
over a computer's behaviour,
I concede that I have a little bit of the blues.
I am going a bit stir crazy.
this too shall pass.
When the weather warms up.
Which would be today.
It's bearable out there.
Thank God.
I will be going for a walk
and clearing my head.
My computer will thank me.

If you only knew how much I've judged people
over the years for letting the weather
run them off the rails.
Lovely self righteous crap.
Now it's my turn.
It's really hard not to judge myself for it.
I sit here and type and remind myself
this only means that I'm human.
Once again I tell myself
"welcome to the human race."
and breathe a sigh of relief.


Cat said...

Hope - it helps me to read stuff like this - I am prone to bouts of depression that I continually have to work through.

Lou said...

Computer having hissy fits! Now that would depress me.

Pam said...

I know I would be stir crazy in a cold climate. I have to be able to stand out side and talk to the neighbors about the other neighbors ;)

Steve F. said...

My Beloved Bear is from near Lake of the Ozarks, MO, and the weather is much more temperate there than here in NW Ohio. (Which is way more temperate than where YOU are, dear friend...) And he gets depressed here - I can't even imagine what he'd do if he couldn't go out for days because of the cold. Something to give thanks for...

I am reminded of a character of storyteller Gamble Rogers who used to say "Never blame a person for being human, unless they make a habit of it." I've always loved that kind of line - it's a classic.

It's good to remember I'm just being human. I'm prone to FUBAR things all on my own, especially my state of mind. Yet it's a great warning, because I can get into a "human rut" - with the expectation that I'm going to screw up. And that rarely gets me anywhere.

I am grateful you have a break, that you can go outside for a wee bit without freezing your nether-regions off. And I give thanks for you, continuing to trudge the road - even when it's covered with ice and snow.

Black Pete said...

One thing I have discovered in middle age is compassion, ironically because my body won't let me simply "bull ahead" with things and ignore its messages to me. So, with the chorus of fatigue, some aches and pains (fascia problems in my left heel) and general slowing down, I realize that those people who were supposedly wimps were really just listening to their bodies after all--and good for them!