Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Power of Choice

I stopped self sabotaging myself yesterday.
Recently one of my friends talked about how sobriety
gave him the power of choice back.
Yesterday I took a good look
at what direction my choices were taking me.
Where I was headed if I kept on feeding my feelings,
looking for distraction, avoiding doing the hard work.
Did I really want to return to that place?
Where self loathing and shame
were my closest companions?
By the grace of God I reached for help
out of the miry clay.
Which put me squarely back in the now.
Today finds me doing the next right thing.
Where I'm grateful for the power of choice.
I wrote in my journal this morning
for the umpteenth time
"I can do this."


Anonymous said...

Hope, have you read any of that "Courage to Create", yet? I finished it this morning and I found myself thinking of your last post as I read the last bit. I have to admit that most of the book was a little too dry and heady for me during a time where I seem to be suffering from attention deficit but it did say some interesting things. Don't want to give away the ending ;) but there's a part where the author talks about limits in conjunction with imagination that I found particularly interesting. The author also talks about the role of limits in terms of, I guess, safety and emotional trauma.

Today is another day.


Hope said...

I haven't done more than glance at it but now you've got me curious so I think I'll have to start reading it!

Today is another day.
Thank God.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you chose to get back on your path.:)