Friday, July 05, 2013

The Other Side

My dining room table is full of my computer stuff because I've been painting my office this week. What started out as wanting a new desk soon morphed into new desk, new chair, new paint, new flooring. It will be a first for me to have a room to call my own and decorated to my liking. I painted the walls a soothing blue denim colour with white trim. It looks lovely. It is a very tiny room that is like a cocoon to me.

The weather has been hot for a good while and I have enjoyed the heat. So grateful that it is summer after a very long drawn out winter and cold spring. Dearest One and I have been enjoying sitting around our fire pit in the evenings which is my favourite summer activity.

I had my bone scan earlier this week. After pointed questions from the technician part way through the scan about where all I was in pain I was tempted to start worrying about test results. I reminded myself that all I knew was that I was having a bone scan. Full stop. Worry could wait until there was something concrete to worry about. Which might be never. The doctor is on holidays and by the time he will be back I will be away on holidays so it will be weeks before I know the results. A friend of mine who had cancer eons ago told me it would take at least a year before I stopped fretting every time I had a new pain.

I was going to write that the one thing I do better than before is be present. However the fretting about test results is not exactly being in the present, is it? And yet I am much more present than I was. A few nights ago my father-in-law was speaking to me - yelling really because he is deaf - and I was nudged in my spirit to be present to him. How much better the world would be if we could be present to one another. To do it means to forget about  myself for the moment.

I saw my spiritual director this week. He lives several hours away and the drive was a nice change. It was a good appointment. As I left I thanked him for bearing witness to my journey. Much like you all do, too. Thank you for hanging in there as I work my way through this period of my life. I wonder what it will look like when I'm on the other side of this.


Jenny said...

It's a privilege to be a witness to your journey- thank you for sharing it. I wonder too- what our lives and the suffering they contain, will look like on the other side.

Daisy said...

I continue to hear you. Nothing to add, just that I'm listening and quietly nodding.

2 years ago already we actually met, remember? Still makes me smile. Think I'll go make a cup of tea despite the heat...

Hope said...

Makes me smile, too! I see your other half was up in our neck of the woods recently? Or at least I'm assuming he was here with good old Fred? Made me miss you.

Daisy said...

Yes, he was. My intention was to message you and connect via other half. Unfortunately, too much juggling and plate-spinning going on for me these days and not enough grey matter.

Btw, you're office colours sound cozy.