Monday, April 01, 2013


Sorry for the silence.

Unbloggable things are happening to other people. Can't take the risk of it showing up in a search engine out of respect for the living. What a reminder that things happen every day to people unnoticed by the masses.

I hate this. I said the word "fuck" over and over again yesterday for half an hour straight. Some things are too horrendous to fathom. And yet we must wade through it.

It's jolted me awake to see that I am going to be just fine.
Prayers appreciated.

PS - I celebrated 25 years of sobriety on Saturday. Gratitude running over.


Robin said...

Listening. Reading.

Daisy said...

Prayers going up non-stop for just over a week here. I'll add you and yours to mine. Wonder if we were stringing f-bombs at the same time. Unbloggable stuff happening to other people here, too.

Gretel said...

Congratulations on 25 years. Sending much love and light for unbloggable stuff, and I understand the f-its feeling!

+ Alan said...

Much is unfathomable, Hope. Your namesake, "hope," is dim to me sometimes. In the midst of funkiness, though, it's good to hear that you'll be alright, and about your long-lived sobriety. Continued Grace and Peace to you.