Friday, January 11, 2013


** little glimmers of hope the past few days have been a relief.

** thank you for your support and prayers. I think we often fail to realize just how much prayer can do.

** my spiritual director emailed me this week and suggested that I offer all that I feel right now, in lieu of spoken words, as a prayer to God. I had a really good cry in response to that.

** the sun shone today and so much more seems possible in the sunshine.


Erin Wilson said...

Grateful for the glimmers of sun, in whatever way it arrives for you. :)

dyan said...

Just seeing the title of your post in my blog sidebar made me smile! I'm grateful you've had these little glimmers of hope!

Rebekah Grace said...

Your post reminds me of something I just read:

"The tears flow down my cheek
Each drop a silent word to speak
Sometimes when it's too hard to pray
My tears know just the words to say.....
I thank You, God for tears that fall
I thank You that You see them all
The words are silent, but they're there -
Each one a silent, liquid prayer.
Author Unknown

~ Rebekah

Daisy said...

You know that 60's song "Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in....?" I've had it stuck in my head since I read this post and I think it just may have turned into a prayer.