Thursday, October 11, 2012

Comforted Down The Road Of What Ifs

Today, while pouring out my heart to God, I heard a question inside me that asked, "Can you be present to what is? That's all you need to do."  After I had a good cry I said, "Yes, I can do that." It helped bring me back from running way down the road of what ifs.

A little while later Yoga Pug started barking at something invisible in the room. I'm used to him barking at unknown things out the window but this time it was definitely something in the room. Normally I tell him to be quiet and to hush up. Out of my mouth popped the words, "It's okay. They're not an enemy."  Half an hour later my phone rings and it's a dear friend. She tells me that she had prayed earlier that Archangels Michael and Raphael would come visit me. We compared notes and she prayed and Yoga Pug barked at the same time.

I like to think that a visit was indeed what happened. Either way I was comforted.


annie said...

May your comforting continue, in a million different ways.

Catherine said...

Nothing profound to say. Sometimes just the presence of another is the only thing one can offer.

I will look up those Archangels, and thank you once again for being a spiritual guide.

Erin said...

"Can you be present to what is? That's all you need to do."

Oh my friend... if only we could learn this without the deep shadows. If there is such a thing as doing this well... you're doing this well.

Lisa said...

I love this for you. The thought of angels so tangibly present that yoga pug barked at them. Amen and amen.

Beth said...

Oh, I really love this idea of your dog going nuts because the angels came to visit.

I am clinging to this one.

Much love, many warm hugs to you.

Daisy said...

Hubby was gonna make popcorn with the hot-air popper the other day so he bent down the fetch it from the bottom cupboard. After watching him dig around for a while I wondered if he couldn't find the little butter-melting container that goes on the top so I offered to look for it.

I pulled out the popper which was right at the front of the cupboard and realized that all the pieces were there so I asked him what he had been looking for. He answered the hot-air popper. It had been right there in front of his face the whole time but he seriously didn't see it.

Who knows what else we can't see? It comforts me also, Hope.


Unknown said...

What a special gift...I'm in love with your Yoga Pug...but when I first read that I thought it said Yoda Pug...he the dog which sees angels...messangers of care and power. The force is with you. ;)