Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sweet Relief

Sitting in a rocking chair this morning, purring kitten in my lap, I looked up at the crisp fall sky and felt joy.

I told the surgeon, when he suggested medication if I kept feeling as bereft as I did, that I wouldn't stay stuck.

That while where I was at the moment was not fun, it wasn't the end of the story. I told him I didn't believe in wasting the pain . Nor do I believe in feeding it. But I do believe in feeling it.

Mostly I've felt like I've had a scream stuck in my throat.


Black Pete said...

Reminds me of the last chapter of The Accidental Tourist, where the protagonist has to make a serious life decision while in pain. he refuses medication--medication that he has overused in his time--so that his mind will be clear for the decision.

Sounds like courage. Sounds like you.

owen swain said...

Amen. That is so well said. While the pain I experience is not physical the very same statement can be applied.

Daisy said...

Well said, Black Pete. Courage and wisdom.


Rebekah Grace said...

I've read lots of blogs over the last few years. Some - mine included - can get so bogged down in the words that you lose the life and emotion behind them. simplicity of the post is profound.

Daisy said...

Thinking of you.

Val said...

I just can't figure out the feeling of it and that's where I get stuck. I hope the scream exits soon. ((((hugs)))) to my friend.