Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who'd A Thunk It?

"You need to find some kind of leisure activity to do together." So said my treatment counselor nearly 3 years ago. I looked at her and wanted to protest. Dearest one and I are homebodies. When I went through my mental list of what I knew other couples did together I couldn't find anything I thought we both might like. Golfing? Maybe. If his knee replacement happened and my rotator cuff injury ever healed up. I can't remember any other leisure activity I thought of that day and maybe you have some suggestions. Our favourite thing to do is go for a walk together. We go as far as his knee will allow and then we turn around and come home. We like to go on road trips and so consider our 6 hours of weekly commuting together as many mini road trips.

See those planters up there? That's about two-thirds of the ones we planted flowers in on the weekend. A few years ago a friend told me how her husband got out the ruler, yes, the ruler!, when he planted bedding plants to make sure they were evenly spaced. I sympathized with them both. In times past, although I never got out the ruler, I sure wanted to. And then gradually I morphed into liking a wild looking flower patch which happily coincided with the period of my life when I couldn't weed anything anyway. I didn't like help with planting my flowers, I wanted it all done my way, you know, the right way. Lord have mercy.

Last week dearest one and I went flower shopping together. We went a tad bit overboard. So much so that we have several dozen bedding plants left over and no pots to put them in. Other than the row of petunias I plant in the garden I don't plant them in the ground anywhere else because bending over to weed still makes my lungs hurt.

We had fun. Together. We are excited like little kids get except we can hardly wait for all those flowers to grow and bloom and fill our world with colour. Once the threat of frost is over we will move the pots to the gravel pads on either side of the walkway. In between the big round pots will be rectangle ones filled with Evening Scented Stock. That was dearest one's idea. I love it. We puttered and planted and thoroughly enjoyed sticking flower after flower after flower in a pot. The Yoga Pup keeps sticking his face into flower pots and it looks like he is smelling the roses.

Which is more or less what the counselor wanted dearest one and I to make time for.
Looks like we have done that at last.


Pru said...

I hope you still have that great big rose bush...having a plant or two (or two hundred as the case may be) is such a wonderful thing. Like you can capture a tiny piece of spring and summer in a pot.

Heidi Renee said...

wow, seeing that picture made me feel like I was on your porch - really beautiful Hope. Keith & I did some landscaping this past weekend too and it was good for us too :)

Evelyn said...

What a wonderful way to spend time together! Oh, and I LOVE your attitude about the commuting time!

Unknown said...

So beautiful. Recovery through nature. And so much fun together. I love your plan for putting them here and there....