Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Cold or snow, which would you like? Both? You got it. Pretty soon we'll have to use a tractor to plow the driveway to get out. Today I did venture outside though and go for a walk. Scarf up to my eyes, toque down to my eyebrows, but I did it. I was walking along thinking I need a balaclava. I had looked for one when I bought my scarf but couldn't find one. At the time I thought to myself, maybe they don't make them anymore because bank robbers use them so much. Dearest one is home sick today. I told him I'd gone for a walk when he was sleeping in his recliner. He asked about the cold and I told him I needed a balaclava. He didn't bat an eye as he said, "Oh they don't make them anymore because bank robbers use them." His face had just a hint of a smile. I looked at him and said, "I'm not that gullible." Then I laughed and told him I had thought that exact thing when I had been on my walk. Somehow I don't think that surprised him.
I can be so predictable.

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Steve F. said...

There are days - especially days with The Guy - when I can be on top of the world. But I have to admit that cold, rain and snow just take it right out of me, and I feel 80 instead of 50.

And I have to admit I didn't even know what a balaclava was until I got the "worn by bank robbers" reference.

Something new to learn every day...