Friday, December 29, 2006

The Journey Continues

Two years ago today I was received into the Catholic Church. To some who knew me they felt I had just walked into the biggest bondage out there in Christendom. To others, I had come home. And still to others, big deal, who cares?

And two years later I can say that there is more bondage within me than out there, I will always be coming home and when I get hung up on the minor things (like other people's business), Jesus eventually heaves a sigh, looks at me and says, "follow me." So I keep trying, Jesus keeps loving me and my journey continues.


owenswain said...

Coming Home is different for me than necessarily being at home. The more I am drawn into Jesus and his Church the more I see in my that is so unlike him. Where once I went to confession to be forgiven for say a sexual sin {to speak plainly, masturbation} and was absolved and healed now I go and say, Father forgive me for I spoke poorly of my neighbor or say, Jesus has asked me to give up this amoral thing and I don't want to. I keep telling him Yes with my lips and No with my heart.

Peace to you and to each of us on the journey.

Hope said...

I understand that O, I do.

Peace to you as well.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you my sister, and Happy "Catholic" Birthday. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey cool, Hope. Happy anniversary!

PS. I've posted this twice... at least, I don't think it posted the first time around.