Thursday, March 23, 2006

It's Thursday Already?

1. Last Thursday feels like a lifetime ago. I've spent more time alone in the past week than not. I used to crave solitude. These days it seems like craving solitude would be the healthiest thing in the world to crave. Wish it was the #1 thing I was craving.

2. Trying to numb feelings by trying every track of hedonism you can think of accomplishes absolutely nothing in the long run.

3. I know because I tried yesterday.

4. And I got pissed off at God that I knew enough to know that only in Him is there rest. He seemed so intangible so I tried the tangibles first. Didn't work very well.

5. How much frozen chocolate can one eat? Enough to have the old heart rate over 100 for many hours.

6. Time to change the subject.

7. Tomorrow I am going to be watching the World Women's Curling Championships in person. That is pretty cool. Curling is my favourite sport to watch.

8. Tonight I am going to my first AA meeting in over 8 years. It's the last of my addictions that I haven't succumbed to this week and I am feeling fragile enough that I seriously thought of getting drunk yesterday.

9. Thankfully #'s 2. 3. and 4 kicked in before I gave in.

10. I have never gone to an AA meeting without my masks on tight. Well, except the first meeting. I hope I have grown up enough to leave the masks at home.

11. Too bad being stretched by God didn't exercise the waistline. I could use some help.

12. In the past week I have seen coyotes, deer, elk and moose in my wanderings.

13. Prayer is what is keeping me going. Thank you for yours.

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