Saturday, March 25, 2006

Behold! The Way of the Cross

That's the name of the booklet I brought home last night after reconciliation. Usually penance is some sort of prayer. Mine was to pray the Stations of the Cross. The prayers throughout the booklet spoke directly to my situation. Here is one of the prayers I prayed last night:

"My Lord, I fall so often, over and over again, wondering how much more I can take. When evil surrounds me and seems to be prevailing over your goodness and truth, it is so hard to be strong. Help me to see that even though I repeatedly fall, you are there to pick me up so that I can go forward refreshed. When I feel that I am alone, bring peace to my heart so that I can prevail over my fears. Never permit me to be a victim of my own fears."

One helpful site that talks about reconciliation and healing this Lenten season can be found here.

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