Saturday, October 13, 2012

Keeping The Tears At Bay

Warning - dark humour ahead.

Tonight I wore a brand new dress to a community function. I felt pretty. I felt fantastic. I've lost a lot of weight without trying - a bizarre experience in itself -  the doctors haven't  been able to confirm if it's a result of having cancer or not. I'll be having a chat with a specialist about that on Monday.

A friend walked in the door of the reception area where we were standing tonight, took one look at me and said, "You look fabulous." She hadn't seen me in months and the last time she saw me I was wearing clothes that didn't fit very well - they were pretty baggy which unintentionally hid my weight loss. I'd phoned her last week to tell her of my cancer diagnosis and because of that and because of our 30 year history of friendship, when we hugged I whispered in her ear, "That's what having cancer will do for you."

And then we laughed and laughed until our sides were sore.

Sometimes laughter is the only thing that keeps the tears at bay.


annie said...

Oh, Hope! Thanks for the smile! I was just emailing a friend about what we do as bloggers when we receive a crummy diagnoses (how much do we say, and how honest are we and how much of our inner selves do we reveal?). Here is part of the answer, I suppose-we keep on living.

tina hunt said...

Odd how we can find the upside and laugh. But good...very, very good.

Jim said...

Powerful words, my friend. Powerful witness....