Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh, Spring Where Art Thou?

You'd think that after seven and a half feet of snow we could be done with it now. Apparently not. Oh, Spring, where art thou?

I drove home in a blizzard yesterday. Thankfully there were stretches of no snow, no ice. It was a long 600 kms. For quite a ways a big truck followed me and I chose to see it as a big angel. Which made me chuckle at how we humans need to assign divine identities to inaminate objects. However, it made me feel better to do so especially when the trucker waited until the roads were bare and wet to pass me even though he had the chance to do it over the course of 100kms and didn't. I was gripping the steering wheel so tight there for a while that I thought I was going to get blisters.

Last week I was reminded, again, of the truth of the saying,
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
Reminded after the fact, of course. It's been haunting me ever since in a slapped up the side of the head kind of way. I realize not everyone has a God of their understanding who slaps up the side of the head but mine does. He hugs fiercely, too.

This past weekend I took my best self to some service work instead of my dragging my butt self and the difference in the experience was enormous in a humbling kind of way. And in a Godincidence happening I crossed paths with someone from a very long time ago. There we were 600 kms from our home that is 1000kms from our original home. It was pretty cool.

The way the tires sound when they are driving over ice? Not the most pleasant sound. I turned up my music a little loud yesterday on the drive home so I could pretend I was driving on anything else.

Tomorrow I'm not driving anywhere. I'm pretty pleased about that. There's this most pungent smell that wafts like a fart under blankets coming from my fridge every time I open the door so I'm guessing getting rid of that is on my to do list tomorrow.

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Andrew said...

There are some good humans driving trucks on our highways. I know that one saved my butt once for sure.

Winter is still hanging on in the Bow Valley too. Snow and cold still the order of the day, although we did get a break last week for a few days.

Black Pete said...

Looooong spring...

Jim said...

Each time you describe the weather conditions there, I am so thankful for this piece of Kentucky. Some strong winds blew through here this afternoon just as we were taking the kids out to the buses; but it didn't last long. The 70 degree weather, however, goes out the window overnight and we're back in the mid 40s for a few days.

I love the cartoon....

Pammie said...

Jeez girl it's 82 here in Houston! PS: God slaps me on the side of the head occasionally too, then gently pats my hair back down.