Sunday, March 06, 2011

Easy, Peasy. Not

This week I was given multiple opportunities to once again acknowledge that I am not God and don't know what's best for anyone else. How easy it is to think that I do! And how easy it is to forget that I can't see the whole picture. Even the most put together people can be fighting battles that are invisible to the casual observer or even friend. I got reminded of that this week. It was humbling.

And then I spent time with someone whose praise and applause I so desperately want and who I often feel judgement from. Someone that made me want to bang the table and shriek, "Change already, you thick headed fool."

I hashed it all out with my sponsor last night who knows everyone in the story and she gave me good direction in seeing my part in it. There's always a my part of it in any situation. I'd really be screwed wouldn't I if there wasn't? I mean trying to do something about someone else's part in it could be very frustrating. Just ask me. I know.

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Andrew said...

LOL! I like the Personal Growth poster! So true for me.

StrongNHim said...

It is hard to see those battles. I have heard that we need to smile and love all the time (even though it is tough) because we might be the only Jesus someone ever sees. Something like that... anyway, it makes me reevaluate how I treat others.

Renee said...

Yeah. If I didn't waste so much energy trying to make others more to my liking, I might have some left over for self improvement.

annie said...

A timely reminder, Hope. Thanks!