Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 2010

It snowed for close to 48 hours straight. It was the weirdest thing to hear song birds in the trees while snow was falling. Like there was some kind of disconnect between the seasons.

My rain barrel was empty before it started snowing. I water all my outside flowers with rain water when I can so I am happy that the barrel is now full.

Yoga Pup loves the snow. His sister does not. She looked up at me as if to say "You want me to go pee in this?" Then she tried to walk in a dainty cat like way so that her feet wouldn't get wet. That's why she isn't in the picture.

I'm thinking it will be a day or two before we can have a picnic. Although by Tuesday it's supposed to be nearly 20 degrees warmer than it is now. Which means I will be able to move the flowers back out onto the deck. Isn't that a pretty stray cat that has taken to calling our place home?


Heather of the EO said...

WOW, that's a lot of snow for May. Sheesh! I hope you're picniking soonly :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Lovely to see the photos :)


sarah said...

that is so weird...snow and gardening...