Sunday, October 11, 2009

Even Up My Nose

The snow is still here.
We didn't even get the lawn chairs in yet.
The vines growing on the deck are still green.
It all seems out of whack.

I've been cleaning like a mad woman.
I can now see the floor in the office.
I was watching a show on hoarders a few days ago.
I realized my office looked
a little like some of the rooms on TV.
Not as bad, really, but still.

I had planned on cleaning it
during my summer holidays.
Never happened.
Tis done now.

I feel like I am constantly
drowning in paperwork.
I have close to 75 books to take to the thrift shop.
They are less a security blanket than they used to be.

Dearest one read me a bit yesterday in a Pug book
about how Pug hair lasts a gazillion years.
Which explains why I even found some in the fridge.
It's hard to feel like I have a clean house
with Pug hair in the fridge
let alone on every surface and up my nose, too.

We are having a relaxed and lazy Sunday.
Turned down several invitations for Thanksgiving meals
this weekend.
The snow makes me want to hunker down
and hibernate.
I'm off to do that now.
I will have two Pugs joining me.


Prayer Girl said...

Snow - oh my gosh. We were over 90 degrees here.

I bet the snow is beautiful.


annie said...

You remind me that I need to do some decluttering myself. I might get it done if I were snowed in for a few days (no such luck--if I were to get snowed in, I would be out taking pictures and playing in it, we don't get snow very often!).

Lisa said...

I'm on the other side of the country this year, celebrating very untraditionally with friends, but am sending you Happy Thanksgiving wishes from points east :)

Steve E. said...

I've got hair up my nose too--but we don't have any Pugs.

Could it be cat hair? Or..oh no, don't tell me it's GROWING in there --grin!


Heidi Renee said...

Happy Thanksgiving Hope! I can't imagine snow and know I'm not ready just yet to hunker down. We'll have to hunker down with a good phone chat sometime this week. Miss you.

Tall Kay said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend! Isn't it wonderful to be so content with what we have, that we can choose to hunker down and savor our own lives. How sweet that Dear One reads to you :o)

daisymarie said...

I am so not ready for snow. I've been so enjoy and soaking in the fall colors. They just seem more amazing to me this year...but I think I said that last year, too. Go figure.

As for Pug hair in the fridge. Ew. But it also made me laugh. Unpacking things in our new home I've found Maggie hair. Maggie was a White American Shepherd/Husky mix who shed bucketfuls and then some. We haven had her since 2003. That was also three moves ago--and we're still finding her hairs. Makes me think twice about getting another pet.

Mary Poppins NOT said...

Hmmm, books as security blankets. I'll have to give that some more consideration. That hit a nerve, which I didn't expect, so now I must act. Hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a hoarder show to get off your butt and motivated, (happened to me too!) Funny, as I was sweeping dog hair off the side of my stove today, I was thinking how clean my house would be and how much money I would save on sweeper bags if I did not have that big huge lump of unconditional love sheddign everywhere.( i have found it in the fridge too, at least we are not hoarders! LOL)