Thursday, July 16, 2009

Peeing On My Feet

Yesterday I drove through miles of flat prairie land.
The kind where you really could see the dog
three days after it ran away,
on that flat piece of land waaay over there.
The prairie will always be my home. There is something soothing about the wind of the prairies, swirling around me like a comforting blanket, that I've never felt living in the tree filled north.

I've made it a tradition to listen to the song below every time I drive this long stretch of road.

The vastness of a prairie sky always leaves me in awe.
As I was appreciating its beauty out of my mouth popped the words,
"Life is a privilege."
Sometimes gratitude takes me by surprise.

I tried to remember what a privilege it was when several miles down the road I was mulling over how to take a roadside bathroom break, where someone's dog might happen upon me, without peeing on my feet. I'd been driving a long time without seeing any trees to hide in. I have perfected on this trip how to park the car just so, so that passersby can't see me doing my business on the side of the road. Sorry if that's too much information. It is however, a handy skill to have, when need be.

If you're wondering why I didn't just stop at a gas station for a bathroom break know that they were so far apart on this stretch of highway that it was either stop on the side of the road or pee my pants.
I know. What does any of that have to do with being grateful for life?
Well, I guess if you're dead you no longer have to figure out how to pee on the side of the road, now do you?

I eventually stopped on a sandy side road. The place where I grew up, and where my folks still live, is all sand. I used to take a tablespoon outside and dig holes in the yard when I wanted to play marbles. That's how soft the sandbed was. My car has sand all over the floor now. It has prairie sage drying on the dashboard, too.

After a 7 hour drive I made it to big city far away; to the comforts of a bathroom, where there is no sand or runaway dogs or any figuring out to do. I took an above ground subway last night for the first time. Today I will lie in one of those very tight MRI tunnels as they take pictures of my heart.

There is heart trouble and then there is heart trouble.
I've had my share of both kinds in the past few months.
Driving along the prairie is a great remedy.

I do love the prairie.
Always will.
Even when I pee on my feet.


Gin said...

Hope you are hilarious! I love your post. It is full of positivity and humor. Doesn't get any better than that!

Cat said...

I like how you point out that gratitude can sometimes take us by suprise and I for one am grateful that you had to pee on the side of the road.

Your heart is full, trouble or not I can feel that in your writing.


Daisy said...

Ah yes, the big sky. Ain't it grand? :) Glad you're enjoying your travels, my pal.


Prayer Girl said...

I admit it - you made me smile and chuckle.

The vast prairie sounds very spiritual.

Good luck in the MRI tunnel.


wilsonian said...

lol... yeah, I've peed on the side of the road a number of times myself. I've perfected the stance, but have never figured out how to keep the mosquitos away lol.

Praying that everything goes as needed...

Rikkij said...

actually, you're the second woman I know to pee on her feet this past week. hmm. what's up with that. Praire driving will do that though. Gas stations of oil smell and grew tin stools kill the day. ~rick

Lou said...

I saw your title, and had to run over here. My husband thinks I prefer to pee by the side of the car, even when a bathroom is available...ha,ha.

Hopefully, they give you headphones in the MRI, a little music can take the edge off.

Just Be Real said...

Hope you are too funny. Peeing on your feet. Something I would do. ;)

Mary Christine said...

I hope your MRI went well. As I was reading, not thinking about where you live, I thought - gee, this sounds like Canada... and then I remembered that it probably is Canada you are writing about.

What a wonderful thing it is to find gratitude in the simple moments of life.

VICKI IN AZ said...

Hope what a beautiful Revelation,"Life is a Privilege"!!
Thank you for sharing this story and how many times have I peed on my feet, more than I care to admit!
I loved the song, what beautiful uplifting music. The picture of Jesus at the end was very tender and lovely.
Take care, thinking of you.