Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, New Day

"What the heck is that noise?"

That was my first thought upon awakening.
My alarm is not pleasant to wake up to.
Which I guess is the whole point.
In about a ten second flash I went from that thought
to just about deciding to stay in bed. Next I thought about
this day being one full of opportunity,
"God help me" I whispered as I got out of bed.

And with that I got up and did yoga.
I want to say against my will.
But I did propel myself out of bed
and do it.

The birds were singing as I went to sleep last night
They were there again when I woke up.
They had a shorter night than I did then.

I thought about going for a walk instead of doing yoga
but the bears will be roaming already and I'd prefer
not to cross their early morning path.
Although that would wake me up in a hurry!

I'm grateful for a new day.
Mondays are like fresh, hung on the line bedding.
I get to make of it what I will.
I do love having choices today.


Gin said...

Great post. Thanks for waking me up this Monday with a positive thought. Have a great Monday and a wonderful week come what may.

Steve E. said...

Oh! What a GLORIOUS gift from God--that we have choices availanle in much of our lives. I Praise Him! And Thank Him!

Thank you for that first thought in the morning--the one AFTER "What the heck is that noise?"

The one which was "God help me"....

mile191 said...

This is a very nice post. thanks for sharing. i am trying to enjoy monday as well. happy day to you. hugs, mile 191

Cat said...

Happy Monday to you!