Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lickety Split

It's been a long day.
It did snow.
The snow didn't last.
We needed the moisture.
So it's all good.

The pugs and I had a long nap.
I'm feeling better than I did last night.
Not sick enough to be in bed.
Not well enough to be doing much.
That in between place.
Sickness limbo I think it's called.

Several times today I got all teary
out of gratitude because
of what a gift it is
to be sick temporarily instead
of permanently, you know?
I felt grateful for that.
And then I felt silly that
those thoughts made me teary.
I had my own little drama
right there in my living room.

Thankfully it was short lived.
I'm still grateful.
Just not teary.
Nor feeling silly for the tears.
I was missing people who have died.
Thinking about my friend Karen
who would give anything to be alive
on a cold snowy day in May.

I guess in perspective it's all better
than whining about feeling sick.
Not that I'm not capable of whining.
I can win me a whining prize lickety split.
Just ask dearest one.
He's heard me whine aplenty.
Doesn't mean I welcome the flu, either.
But it's only the flu.
Ya know?


Steve E. said...

I just read "Karen" (last August) and
I got real sad. For one thing sad for you, that you did not make the call.

You reminded me, there is a call I MUST make tomorrow--Eugene is his name. Thank You.

Gin said...

Sickness limbo...great name for it! Well, I'm glad you're in sickness limbo and not just sick. Still thinking of you...feel better!

Prayer Girl said...

I bet the snow was beautiful coming down.

I bet you are happy to be feeling better even though you may not be "fully recovered" yet.

I have a friend, Karen, who went back to drinking and drugs and died. She made my wedding dress. Sometimes, I think what a waste of a wonderful person. She didn't know how wonderful she was.

Memories.....Prayer Girl

Cat said...

Hope you are feeling better. I am trying to catch up on my slacking off the past week!