Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Quit Yer Bitchin' Hope

The furnace is humming and the energizer bunny is snoring as I write.
Bah humbug to this continually cold weather.
-33C with windchill this morning.
Oh, poor me.
That's an attitude that gets me nowhere.
Yet I want to snuggle up to it and pretend
I'm Gollum and say, "Mine, all mine."
If all I have to whine about is the weather
then I have much to be grateful for.

I keep a little piece of paper in my wallet
and I take it out from time to time and read it.
It says:
"If you have food in the fridge, clothes on your back, a roof overhead, and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75 percent of this world."


truevyne said...

Great quote, Hope.

Prayer Girl said...

I say "Amen" to that little piece of paper in your wallet.

Sarah Louise said...

I just wrote that on a piece of paper to put in my wallet. Thanks for the reminder.


Anonymous said...

I'm rich! I'm rich! Thanks Hope!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

brilliant, amd putting it in wallet and at work to remind me. Thank you for the wonderful reminder.

Black Pete said...

Yes, but with a minus 33 windchill, that thought is hard to hold onto. How about a compromise? One carp per morning, with a mild expression of chagrin in the afternoon. Saturdays you're allowed double, and Sundays, abstinence. A plan?

Hope said...

It is hard to hold onto Pete. I can tell you've been there. I am so very sick of winter so early on. I can't remember longing for Spring in January before. I try not to think how far it is until feels like it's plainly out of reach.
So for today I'll just be.

Anonymous said...

I noticed yesterday that the days were starting to feel a smidge longer at the end. 4:35 and it was still light out!! Woo hoo!

Not fond of the mornings, having to leave for work in the freezing dark.


Jim said...

The thought does put a different perspective on things, doesn't it.....

Steve F. said...

I'd be carping right along with you, Hope....and I like Pete's idea of complaining in the morning, and recanting in the afternoon.

A man in Des Plaines, IL (the town next to O'Hare Airport!) used to listen to folks complain about their day, and then say, "If you ain't been drunk, high, naked in public or shot at, and you haven't used the word asshole in the final draft of a memo - no matter what else is going on, you're still having a good day. Because a lot of people we know would take any three of the five..."

It's not nearly as spiritual as your quote, of course. But as my ministry professor used to say, "It won't preach, but it IS true."