Saturday, January 03, 2009

Oh! The Drama

The sun is shining with gusto this morning.
I can sit in the livingroom, close my eyes
and be so warmed I could swear it's summer.
I love the sun.

The thermometer says something quite different.
It says to stay home and hibernate.
Although in two days time,
according to the forecasters,
we will hit the freezing mark.
I so wanted it to be today.
I wanted to go shopping.

I have a wedding to go to tomorrow
and nothing to wear.
It's true.
I've been trying on clothes in stores
for a month already and still am coming up
empty handed.
So tomorrow I'm going to end up
wearing jeans to the wedding.

How sad that I think this is some kind of dire emergency.
There, just typing that out,
getting it out of my head,
seeing it in print,
makes me see that there are real problems
and then there are imaginary ones.


Anonymous said...

Hey why don't you just wear the blue dress you already have- it's awesome!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

You know I have those imaginary problems too and this is great to read because I realize that I'm not alone and that the imaginary problems are those that pass and then my real life can begin.

Thank you Hope.
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steveroni said...

OMG--Denim Jeans--to a wedding??? OMG!

Hey!, I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with that! Seriously. (As long as the knee holes are patched, that is -grin)

Hope said...

I would wear that lovely blue dress except it is a summer one and I will freeze in it tomorrow. Don't have a jacket or sweater that is a dress one to wear over it....was looking this week for one but no can do. :(

Anonymous said...

I have something you can borrow, come on over! LOL