Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I wonder....

This day feels like its been 40 hours long.
In other words I am bored.
I'm headed out to mow grass
for lack of something better to do.

Eons ago I trained as a journalist.
I learned to write about whatever I was asked to.
I've forgotten stuff like how to craft
a grammatically correct sentence.
But I still know how to write about whatever someone suggests.

All that to say your questions would be
more than welcome.
From the ordinary or humourous to the serious.
I've let you in on some pretty intimate
moments in my life.
Ask me what you'd like.
I'll do my best to entertain you with the answer.


Anonymous said...

Do you brush up and down or from side to side?

Hope said...

Around and around.

Okay first I thought you meant a hair brush. Then I thought you meant paint brush. Just now I realize you must mean toothbrush.
To which the answer is both.
Side to side on the sides
and up and down in the front.
Goodness I hope you meant toothbrush otherwise I will feel really silly. And just in case you don't I brush straight back with a hair brush and side to side with a paint brush.
See, I told you I'd try to be entertaining but really, it all was an honest attempt to figure out your question.

Hope said...

Actually I paint up and down with a paint brush.
I hope the questions get easier. :)

Black Pete said...

What is the texture of purple?

Hope said...

Colours have textures? Man, I am such a linear thinker that this is much harder to answer than onionboy's question.

Purple - the first picture that came into my head was that of gritty purple sandpaper. Next was of flowing purple water. So I guess that means it's rough and smooth both.

Purple was dearest one's brother's favourite colour. He once painted his half of their bedroom deep purple. Purple has also been only daughter's favourite colour. Purple has significance to me during Advent when I lay a purple cloth on the bay window and set my nativity set and rocks and lights amongst its folds.

Purple is a safe colour.

Steve F. said...

You have a magic wand, with a maximum of 10 people that can be affected (including you) for 24 hours. Where would you go? What would you do? What would you change, fix, experience? In short, what would be a perfect day?

(Feel free to answer "what would be a perfect day" without the benefit of magic, too...)

Hope said...

Jeepers Steve - you have such a way of prompting tears. Damn. That's not all bad though - I really needed a cry today. It's not the greatest day in recovery land for me.

My mind wandered all over the place with this one until I started thinking about the people I've lost to addiction, then the tears started. Two of them died as a result, indirectly or directly. I'd love to have a conversation with them as sober, solid in recovery people. Both had much wisdom and I so wish they were here with many years of sobriety under their belt.
I'd love to have a conversation with my mom as a sober, solid in recovery person as well. Not sure I'll ever see that day.
I would surround myself with these people for a day - have a camp fire and good fellowship and food. For it to be the best day then my kids and husband would need to be there, too. Oh, and Brennan Manning. I'd love another chance to break bread with him as I blew it the time I actually did. And Rich Mullins.