Thursday, July 31, 2008

Butt Glue

It's sunny and windy and I am exhausted.
Last day of Catechism classes today.
Last day of the month, too.
A month where I've managed to show up daily to write here.
Some authors call it butt glue.
Get your butt in the chair and show up to the blank page.
Often I type away and then delete it all,
having gotten whatever I need to get out of the way
off my chest.
Other days I run out of time and simply type away and go 'oh well'
and hit the 'publish post button'
Today is like that.


Anonymous said...

Oh, "showing up". Phew, I'm relieved. I had all kinds of horrid ideas running through my mind when I read the title of the post.

Hope said...

LOL - sorry for the fright....I didn't think about how someone else might react to the title.