Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ain't No Sunshine

Typing this is the limit
to my spoons.
Lifting my arms to wash my hair right now
seems like too much of an effort.

Hopefully as the day goes on
my energy will increase.
Sometimes it works like that.
I just can't predict when.

The energizer bunny is snoring gently at my feet.
She snored between us all night in bed.
If you'd asked me a year ago
if I'd ever let a dog sleep in my bed
My face would have said it all.

Last night an inch of rain
fell on our hay crop which is
lying in swaths in the field.
The rain was sorely needed in general.
Just not on our hay.

I was talking to only daughter as it rained.
Several times the phone crackled as lightning struck.
I remembered hearing a tale from when I was young
of someone killed while talking on the phone
during a thunderstorm.
After one loud crack that nearly disconnected
the phone line between us
we agreed to end our conversation.

Seven weeks from today
my parents and sisters
will be at my house for supper.
In the 28 years since I left home
it will be a first to have
them here together.
Only the fourth time my parents
have ever been to my home.

Oldest son is getting married in
seven weeks less a day.
I watched as his bride to be
tried on her wedding gown last week.
She looked beautiful.

Despite my lack of energy today
it still holds the promise of being a good day.


annie said...

Lots of stuff on the horizon, huh? I hope your energy will return when you need it most and stay a while.

Anonymous said...

So much promise here.