Thursday, June 26, 2008

You Da Bomb

It's been a day.
Needled up in both shoulders.
Carpet bombing is what my doctor calls it.
Shove needle in, wiggle it around
can't locate spot that burns,
hit the bone, draw back and then
bomb the area with pain killer and hope it works.
We talked about alternatives to this.
Acupuncture was suggested as my best bet.
Somehow I don't think acupuncture involves carpet bombing.
I'm going to give it a try the next time the pain gets unbearable.

I left the CD recording of the radio doc with my medical doc.
He's a regular listener of the show and had to work ER that night so missed it.
I appreciate having a dr. who sees me as more than a list of symptoms.
We chat about the sale of the land and the documentary
as he pokes needles and wipes away blood.
Just another day in paradise.

The hospital was the next stop.
A CT scan of my head to make sure my brain's intact.
I don't expect the scan to show anything
other than my brain is indeed still there.
The dizziness and nausea are still semi faithful companions though
so a month ago the doc said he was anal
and wanted to take a look just to be on the safe side.
Today was the day to do so.
C'est la vie.

A quick trip up the elevator
to see a friend who is palliative
only to find out he wasn't in the hospital anymore.
His new 30 year medallion of sobriety was in my pocket.
Have I missed the chance to give it to him?
I still haven't made the phone call to find out.

Grocery shopping and gasoline finished out the day.
It is a privilege to be able to buy groceries.
We shop every other week at best so our cart was full.
I hope to be a good steward of what I bought.

When I go for my walk I watch
many vehicles driving by.
I live on the route that takes people [eventually]
to Alaska.
Daily I think about what a privilege it is to
be able to get in a vehicle and drive anywhere.
People bitch and moan about the price of gas.
It's a dollar thirty eight a litre here.
That's over 6 buckaroos a gallon.
But I say it's still a privilege to be able to buy gas
and go our merry way.
Yes,we buy less and we go on our merry way less.
But still we go.


annie said...

I entered counseling several years ago, and this is how I often "spoke" whatever I needed to say, in this poetic list style.

You do it very well Hope. I love the way you rounded things out at the end. It is indeed a privilege to "go our merry way."

much2ponder said...

I stopped by to take a look and felt you were very good at expressing yourself with words. I will stop back to see how you are doing if you don't mind. Praying for you ((((HOPE)))) without hope, what do we have?