Sunday, June 01, 2008

Easy Does It

There should be a halt button on blogs with a hand in your face that asks if you're whiny before they let you in. Don't say I didn't warn you. Go ahead and change the channel. I may still be whining when you return but chances are I'll be over myself by then. At least temporarily. We can always hope.

Seven years ago I had an episode of Bell's Palsy. It's never really gone away. Today one half of my face is tingling like I've been to the dentist and if I look in the mirror it has itself a mild case of dropsy. Having it flare like this is like getting a tap on the shoulder, reminding me to take better care of myself.

Dearest one is beside me listening to Supertramp as I type. A song that starts out with whistling. I turned to him and said, "Oh, are you whistling?" I've never heard a person whistle who wasn't also cheerful and I thought maybe some of his mood would rub off on me. Dearest one starts the song over half a dozen times and sometimes whistles along just to confuse me. I turn to him every time and catch him whistling once. Eventually I tell him to stop messing with my head. The half that still moves anyway.

Youngest son is in the livingroom watching mana depleting television.(Diablo fanatics live here) That's what we call it in our house. A year ago, when I was in a chronic pain group, I learned of a study which found people subjected to violence on tv had depleted immune systems for 2 hours afterwards and conversely when they watched something uplifting their immune systems got a boost for the same time. I don't really enjoy violent shows but that was motive enough for me to stop watching them altogether.

It's slowly dawning on me as I type that your immune system may be under attack from reading my blog today. However, if you whistle while you read, there's a chance you'll come out even.


Anonymous said...

Go ahead and whine away...I know it's not my fault! LOL. I did have to click on the Supertramp link because I could not remember what song had the whistling in it.. Goodbye stranger, great tune, thanks for the memory.

Heidi Renee said...

i don't think you're whiny - damn, if my face wasn't cooperating the whole world would hear about it. i'm so sorry hope. this has got to suck.

i loved the idea of whistling though and supertramp is good for the melancholy soul!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah.... Your immune system will be SUPER depleted if you read my blog today. Yours is so not whiny!!!!

I hope things get better. My Dad has dealt with Bell's Palsy too. I know it's not any fun.

Black Pete said...

Never cared for Supertramp's music, anyway.

The Whine-o-meter is in the shoip, so we're unable to measure the whine quotient on this blog. Management issues sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

onionboy said...

manna deleting TV - ha ha. Made me smile.

Seeking Help said...

Thanks for coming by. It is great to see an old friend and I can appreciated you thinking through that post.


Seeking Help said...

hmm...i wonder who seeking help is.

I have a friend that went through Bels Palsey. However, it improved and she you would never know that she ever had it.


MrJ said...

Update...hi Using you as my guinea pig for my Blogger update.

Chronic Pain...I have to seek deeper within your blog. My neuropathy is blasting full ahead and I see myself slowly losing the battle.

Perhaps that is why God has connected us. Empathy and friendship.

Peace and Love,