Tuesday, December 19, 2006

5 Things You Don't Know About Me Meme

My dear friend Bobbie has tagged me with this one. Most of the time I feel like anyone who reads this blog knows more about me, at least the deeper stuff, than most people in my life. So here's a bit of fluff about me.

1. Give me any flat surface and I will pile it high with papers. And God help you if you touch the pile. I don't quite worship paper, but almost. I often grab the closest bit of it to write things down that I don't want to forget. There's been many a time I've cleaned out an old jacket or pair of pants and come up with scraps of paper filled with the title of a book to get from the library. When that happens I feel like I opened a misplaced Christmas present. When I'm online I write notes to myself about books or blogs or other bits of information. That's a photo of the pile beside the computer. Dearest one gave me a notepad the other day and asked me if I could please write it all down in one place from now on. I'm trying.

2. On Saturday afternoons my favourite activity is watching Sports Saturday on CBC TV. If anyone else is trying to endure the afternoon with me they often are more entertained by my yelling at the TV and cheering on the athletes than by the sports themselves. Deciding to make a Saturday morning AA group my home group (150km round trip)has meant giving up my addiction to watching sports on TV. Kind of kills two birds with one stone.

3. The state of my house plants, like my African Violet here, and in summer, outside flowers, are a good guage of my emotional health. The summer of my nervous breakdown a friend of mine knew I was in trouble when I let every last one of my flowers die. My favourite flower is evening scented stock. One day I hope to have a window box outside my bedroom filled with their glorious fragrance.

4. My grandparents always hung little Norwegian flags on their Christmas tree. I cried when my sister sent me Norwegian flags for my own tree. They only cost a dollar or two a package but they were my favourite present that year. There they are on our tree this year. Now if only I could master making Lefse and KrumKake.

5. I finished crocheting this baby blanket a few days ago and have another one started already. My grandma taught me to crochet. She was left handed and I wasn't but I learned to crochet left handed. When I was a newly wed my 11 year old sister-in-law taught me to crochet right handed. Call me old fashioned but I like to think of every baby having something home made just for them.


greenleaf said...

This was fun.

It is good to get the lighter stuff once in a while.

God bless & merry CHRISTmas

Antony said...

Yeah! Love your tree! :)

bobbie said...

love this!

thanks for reminding me to water my plants! HA!

Jennifer said...

We have so very much in common, it's nearly frightening.

But then, I've no Norwegian in me whatsoever. ;-)

Have the merriest Christmas of all, Hope. May you and yours find your holidays full of all things bright and wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I thought our place was the only one that was "flat-surface-challenged". I am beginning to suspect that our diningroom table actually breeds the papers and crap that it's covered with.

I always think of you if I happen to be watching TV on a Saturday and stumble upon the CBC sports. And now I have a different visual to go with it. Never pictured you yelling at the tube though. lol


wilsonian said...

Your crocheted blanket is gorgeous!

And I had to laugh at the piles... my house (and my office) look exactly the same lol! Oh my!

Pru said...

I think the paper-piling is genetic, only instead of limiting myself to desks and table tops I include the floor in my flat-surfaces. I think I'm the messy one in my relationship and that has come as a bit of a surprise to me. Do you remember the several plants that I rescued when they would have died under your care? I didn't have such great luck on my own but I'm blaming that on the finickyness of miniature roses.
I'm looking forward to seeing the flags on the tree, and to seeing you shout at the tv while we sit and drink tea together.
I love you.