Friday, August 11, 2006

The Vanishing Light

The phone range at 6:09 this morning. Have I ever mentioned I am not a morning person? With three adult children living their own lives it doesn't really matter whether I am a morning person or not. Come to think about it, it never matters once you have children. But I do tend to think bad things must be on the horizon when the phone rings that early. The call turned out to be harmless (and kidless) except that I was doing my "OMG, something's happened to one of the kids" maniac dash "I pray the serenity prayer automatically" saunter on the way to the phone when I crashed into the wall instead of zigzagging around it. Geez, my shoulder is some kind of sore. My body connected with the wall right where my sunburn from last week is peeling. Ouch. (I know Penni, I know....there is no such thing as a safe tan.)

The vanishing around-the-clock daylight is an adjustment. Driving home last night we needed the headlights on for the first time since somewhere on the other side of June 21st. Similarly, this morning at 6:09 our home had that pre-dawn glow.

I thought the need for night lights had departed with the kidlets but apparently not. I have the marks to prove it.

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