Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Finding God

Hope is a beautiful thing. Sometimes we get only a glimmer, sometimes a full and running over cup of it. Sometimes we have none. It never disappears forever though and for that I am grateful.

Dearest one hasn't been feeling well for about a month now. Nothing we could put our finger on until last week when he lost 7 pounds in 4 days due to lack of appetite, nausea and pain in his abdomen. Dearest one is a registered nurse but he tried to convince me this was all normal, especially the nausea bit. I said, "Ya, right, if you were pregnant!" He joked back that well, he hadn't had his period for quite a while. The man does have a sense of humour. I picked up the phone to call our doctor's office. Dearest one thought I was making a big deal about nothing. After his apppointment yesterday he walked out with a requisition for an abdominal ultrasound to rule out a pancreatic mass. The test is next Tuesday and it will be a week before we get any news.

Please pray for us. I wasn't going to post about this unless something further had to be done but I knew I couldn't clear my head to write about anything else unless I did.

I will be away from the computer until Tuesday. I am one of a dozen speakers at a women's retreat this coming weekend. My talk is about finding God in the midst of everyday life experiences. How grateful I am to know God's there, in everything.

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