Friday, April 30, 2010

Good Night Mary Ellen

It is just past dusk as I type and I can hear the last of the birds singing in the trees. I think of them as being one big family like The Waltons and saying goodnight to each other through the branches. In the time it took me to type that they have all gone silent. I wonder if the occasional chirping I'm hearing is one of them telling their mother that they are thirsty or have to go pee or one of a gazillion things little ones can think up to stall having to snuggle up to the dark.

Dearest one and I met in town to go grocery shopping. It is a simple pleasure we like to do together when we can. I hadn't been out of the house since I came home sick from work on Monday and it felt good to get in the car and go somewhere. We went out for lunch afterwards and then he went home and I went to the office. It was Friday afternoon so everyone had gone home early. The rest of our building is being taken over by the public for the next 6 weeks which means I have to work behind a locked door for the duration. I am interested in seeing how the imagined working out of it all is going to look like in reality. God gives grace for the situation, not the imagination. Doesn't that sound like a worthwhile mantra?

Tonight dearest one decided to join me as I lay on the recliner and as he sat on the edge of it he teasingly pushed the top of the chair back as far as it could go. Our combined weight pushed the recliner over backwards to the floor and we lay there laughing while the blood rushed to our heads. He hopped off the side and I asked him to please help me get right side up again but it took awhile because we kept erupting in that hysterical kind of laughter that makes it hard to do anything else. I would have doubled up with laughter but I couldn't even get my head off the floor. Being upside down isn't much fun but we sure laughed anyway.


Jim said...

I took that same spill one night, sleeping in our leather recliner with Beth on the couch nearby. I was upside down in the corner, struggling to correct the situation, and she just continued to softly snore. I was reminded of the time, years ago, when a kayak rolled with me and there I was, head on the bottom of the shallow lake, my lower torso yet laced up in that contraption. When I was able to surface, she and all three girls were doing no more than standing on the bank screaming. "Thanks for the help, girls...You can stop now".

Daisy said...

Made me smile, Hopey. You kooks!

Yikes, Jim! I have a phobia about kayaks just because of that very scenario.


Kathy M. said...

What a lovely post, filled with the simple pleasures of living every day. Thanks for sharing.