Wednesday, August 12, 2009


"How long do you think I'll last?"

He looks at me and I look at him.
He tries to keep any sign of emotion out of his face.
I can read his eyes though.

"Two days, tops."

That's his guess.
I don't tell him that
I think he's being generous.

Youngest son is moving out later on this week.
The pugaboos sleep in his bed.
Dearest one thinks they should sleep in ours
once we are empty nesters.
I've been saying things along the lines of over my dead body.

They slept in our bed last night.
They kept this dead body warm.


Gin said...

The dogs always win out. My mom has had three sleeping with her "over her dead body" for months now. :-)

Lou said...

Reading back, I found your post "turbulent times." I was struck how you said your son wished he was 9 years old and carefree. I see that in my son--he wants to return to childhood, and a time when he didn't have to make any decisions. The post really touched my heart, and I learned something in the way you handled it then.

PS no animals in my bed at our house, but our cat has the run of everything else!

Steve E. said...

Sleep well, wherever the pugaboos decide to place their live bodies...

as long as they're not TOO live.

Cat said...


Hey give em credit they know where the warmth lies.

Black Pete said...

Of course! They're dogs!! And if for some reason you move beds, they'll follow you like iron filings after magnets...

annie said...

We used to have a little miniature daschund and she ended up sleeping in our bed over my dead body :) She would snuggle up to me like a little kid...I do miss her.

daisymarie said...

I'm really finding the empty nest to be a myth...maybe something I'll do later.

Pets in bed...I'd have to get a bigger bed. But some cuddily furriness might be nice occasionally...