Friday, August 14, 2009

Of Saints and Jewels

"And lend your voices only
to sounds of freedom.
No longer lend your strength
to that which you wish
to be free from.
Fill your lives
with love and bravery,
and you shall lead
a life uncommon

~ Jewel's lyrics to Life Uncommon

Today is the feast day of Saint Maximilian Kolbe. I read about him here. As I was driving this morning I was listening to the above song by Jewel, my very favourite one, and couldn't help but think of Fr. Kolbe. How he lived a life of love and bravery and so, a life uncommon. As I listened I thought about Jewel and Fr. Kolbe and how a modern song could point me to a saint.


Steve E. said...

Oh, the picture of horror, let us never many unforgettable things.

Hope, ya know, I believe just about everything can "point me" somewhere, to a saint, to God. For it is really where my MIND is, which is picking out the "pointer" part of anything.

Music is a wonderful medium for pointing, because by its very nature it "lift us away" from our earthly bounds.

VICKI IN AZ said...

Hope, thank you for the beautiful message and for the learning of Saint Maximillian Kolbe. My heart is overflowing. I believe that Jesus taught that greater love hath no man... because indeed this makes the person who lays down his life for his friend a type of Christ. What more could we ever want.
I will never hear that Jewel song again in the same way.