Thursday, August 20, 2009

Full Of Promise

I have always liked this song and this video. A good way to start the day - with gratitude. It is a beautiful day outside - sunny and warm. We spent the evening last night with good friends. Today is full of promise, just waiting to be lived.

**Some people might find the nudity in this video offensive. It is about so much more than that. Which makes me want to go off on a tangent. I spent much of my life only being able to see black and white, what was before me. There was a time when I would have only seen the nudity in this video and for that reason called it bad, incapable of discerning anything deeper than she's naked, omg, close your eyes, get thee behind me Satan. Yep, that really was me at one point. I didn't want to look any deeper at life.(Just ask my kids, they are rolling their eyes with remembering that me as they read this I'm sure.) Nuance, reading between the lines, seeing the spirit of something, was beyond my ability. I have been blessed with friends who have shown me what it's like to see what's written between the lines of life. I continue to learn.**


Cat said...

Im with you this is a great piece... love the song, nudity included.

Helps me understand how naked we all really are.

Susan M DeAngelis said...

Oh my -- love this song. This song is about Alanis' addiction -- the first sentence says it all. Huge fan of hers.

I have one of my fav songs on my blog with the vid too -- not as we.

She's amazing in concert. Have you seen her?

Daisy said...

I'd never paid much attention to the words before, just remember the melody. Like it lots. Cool video, too.

Amazing the things we end up being grateful for, eh?