Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sinking My Hands

This week I get to return to my home group meetings after a hit and miss attendance for the last 6 weeks due to other commitments. I am glad that life will settle back into a normal routine again. Funny how that is. There was a time when normal routine seemed dull and boring and now I welcome it.

Because of moving our office, next week I will also be able to return to the mid week lunch meeting that our group is responsible for. The shorter distance between my office and the meeting location will make it doable now. I am grateful for that.

There are just patches of snow left in the shadowy depths of the trees now. Suddenly finding that last patch of snow and sinking my hands into its icy coolness is appealing. I want to say both a farewell to the snow and mutter a thank God as I make one last snowball.


Steve E. said...

Farewell to the snow...or.........

Hey. Meetings is where I find loads of support, friends, and yes--even more! Read: Sobriety?

Cat said...

I think that was the last snowball of the season anywhere!