Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Waking Up Slowly

It looks like the Twilight Zone outside this morning.
The fog is almost making the moon disappear.
Energizer Bunny and Yoga Pup are racing up a storm
at this ungodly hour. They just crashed into their food dishes
and now they are walking around with subdued energy.
Many days they race up and down the hallway so fast that it's
dangerous to get in their way.
Every so often they race while trying to look over their shoulder
and we hear them smack into the wall with a thud.
On the weekend one of those thuds was one of them hitting my leg
while they were racing at full speed.
Isn't it illegal to have that much energy this early in the morning?
Now Yoga Pup is barking as if he's saying to the Energizer bunny,
"give me back my toy."
I do so hope I wake up soon.


Daisy said...

What a couple o'nuts; such mayhem. They must be plenty entertaining.


Steve E. said...

"I do so hope I wake up soon."

Hope, ya mean it is all a dream? -BIG GRIN!

(Maybe this whole thing we call life--is a dream!)