Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Teasing Smiles

I am so not a morning person.
Why would one choose to be up
when the sun is still visiting distant relatives?
Right. To get a paycheck.
Silly me.

Dearest one couldn't resist teasing me
as he went out the door
shortly after 5:30 AM.
Teasing me that I'm up so early
when I don't have to be at work
until an hour and half later than he does.
Then he remembered that if he got up earlier
maybe he'd be able to eat breakfast.
And that he has much less hair to fix than me
and hasn't taken to wearing makeup,
so that helps his morning schedule.

Dearest one does have the most beautiful smile.
It lights up his face.
I will carry his parting teasing smile
with me through the day today.
For even though it's still dark outside
and I'll never be a morning person,
his smile continues to light up my heart.


Steve E. said...

What do you mean, "He doesn't wear makeup??" Or "do" his hair? Crap...I'll bet he doesn't even wear heels!

Hope, I just REALLY love to read (or hear) women talking about their men-folk, like I hear Anna talk about me sometimes--on the phone or somewhere.

Thank you for lifting up my spirits this morning--WHICH, after two meetings, already were pretty high up there!

Lou said...

I'm the morning person at my house, and I always give my husband a full 15 minutes before I say ANYTHING to him when he gets up (LOL)

Pru said...

You are sweet. It makes my day to know that you are still so in love!

Just Be Real said...

Hope, had to chuckle on this post. Delightful entry, thank you for sharing. Blessings dear one.