Saturday, April 04, 2009


I'm home in between two trips to town today.
I know that's crazy but it's what works
for the best for everyone involved.
In two hours I'll turn around and head back.
I'll have supper with a group of people largely unknown to me.
Not too long ago I would have copped an excuse to not show up.
It's out of my comfort zone for sure.
For whatever reason today that's okay.
I will pray that I will bring something to the situation
instead of seeing what I can get out of it.
I have no wish to be either invisible or the center of attention.
Just being me is enough.

I saw deer on the hillside as I drove to town this morning.
Too late in the morning to see the herds of elk
that have been grazing in predawn light.
Snow sculptures of every kind littered the ditches.
The sun is slowly melting piles of snow and revealing
jagged edges of snow drifts.
The sight makes me smile for some reason,
in a "die, you sucker" kind of way.

I was moseying down the card aisle at the drug store
and saw a display of Easter cards.
Now isn't it a bit redundant to have Easter cards
specifically labelled as religious?
I took a closer look and saw a multitude of ones
that weren't.
I laughed outloud at the sight.
Can't have Easter mean something
that might offend the masses.
Lord have mercy.

I chaired my home group AA meeting.
There were a fair number of people there
who I'd never seen before.
We've gone from a group that struggled to have 5 people present
to one that has almost outgrown its meeting room.
How cool is that?
I saw on one of the roundup notices that someone from
Steve-o's neck of the woods is speaking
at a round up one province over.
Instantly I thought about my secret wish to have
Pam or Mary Christine come speak at our local round up one day.
One never knows.
Wishes do come true.

My sponsor gave me a lovely little gift book today
that says on the front "The Spirit of Hope".
I love when people get who I am.


Anonymous said...

Wanting to give something to the situation rather than just getting something out of it..... thinking that way, writing it here, tells me you will contribute in a positive way because it means something to you, challenges you to be (or do) better. Coming out of the comfort zone is harder than the words read. Congrats. ~Mary

Thirsty Girl said...

"just being me is enough." I needed to hear that today.

Steve E. said...

Dateline: Tuesday

Sorry, Hope, we were in Tampa--or traveling--Sunday. I missed this. Oh, if you could get one of those peeps to talk, I'd sure love to be there also...Since arriving in the blog-world last july, my own secret, in-my-head world has been and IS just FULL of wishes (mainly to meet up with Peeps somewhere, sometime) which will probably never come true.