Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Open or Closed?

Wednesday mornings are getting to be predictable.
Youngest son slams the door when he goes out to start the car.
I am jolted awake at the sound.
Good bye to sweet dreams.
It's the loudest alarm clock around.
He has no idea the effect on me.
Mornings are so not my thing.
Except waking to one means I am alive.
That is a privilege.
No matter what.

But I am grateful
to be able to hear a door slam shut.
I wouldn't like to be deaf.
I'm grateful I can choose my attitude.
Grateful that I can ask him to consider others.
Grateful that dearest one is considerate without effort.
Hmmm...consideration is something
I need to work on myself.
See, anything can be a learning tool
if I remain open.
Lord have mercy.

I'll be off to town in a few hours myself.
I'm grateful for the noon meeting I'll attend.
It's the only daytime meeting within driving distance.
My home group took this meeting on
so that once during the work week
there would be a daytime meeting.
Sometimes I'm envious of the many meetings
you get to choose from. Today, this meeting is it.
The only other one is a men's meeting tonight.
I don't qualify.

I told you I lived remote.
But not as remote as my sponsor used to live.
There were 3 members in her group,
then two of them moved away.
She was the only AA member left in her town
and there were no towns within driving distance.
I am not kidding. She lived at the end of the road.
She opened the weekly meeting for years and years
and was the only one present.
She stayed sober through it all.

That makes the hour drive to get to a meeting
something I can be extra grateful for today.
I'd be in trouble if I was it.
Thank God for the internet.
I learn so much about how to walk the talk
from your blogs, too.
Through reading your words I sometimes feel
like I have many sponsors.
At the very least you become
my meeting when I can't get to one.
You give me much food for thought.
I give thanks for you today.


Anonymous said...

Glad your local weather system is affording you some travel these days. Wow, about your sponsor!

Started the Richard Rohr again with highlighter in hand; the whole book could end up being yellow, I tell ya. Wish we could yak about it over a cuppa tea. That could be fun, eh?


daisymarie said...

The only one who came. Wow. Talk about commitment to yourself and your life. Now that's inspirational.

Cat said...

Amazing the things we can do if we put our minds to the task - I am in awe that your sponser held those meetings alone!

Happy Wednesday!

Lou said...

I like to have meetings of one! No disagreement, ever.

Seriously, what dedication.

Black Pete said...

"Many sponsors". Hmmm. Never thought of that...

Jim said...

The good thing about "meetings of one" is that are never singular if you've connected with Him beforehand....